DEERWAVE is a vibrant synthwave SHMUP. Use your natural pulse of color and your hunter instinct to dodge, reveal, and vaporize your enemies. 


  • WASD: Move
  • Arrow keys: Aim and fire
  • Controllers supported.
  • R: Restart game.

Come to the WAVE dimension! We hope you enjoy your stay.

Deertectives entry for Global Game Jam 2021


The enemies get lost in the color of the background, but the background color pulses to the beat of the music, outwardly from your ship's position. You must move your ship around to FIND the enemies that are LOST in the chaos! Lost and found! We did it!


  • Hunter Dyar: Core programming
  • Tom Corbet: Gameplay programming
  • Dac Croach: Music, SFX, design
  • Brad Hornbeck: 3D patterns, programming, UI
  • Eric Grossman: 3D art (characters and FX), shaders, design


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that was fun! and cheers to the team for putting out a game with great visuals & audios in only 2 days!